Soroban Expert

Soroban Expert

” Soroban Expert “

The next step in our innovative Soroban Methodology. Your child will learn how to mentally perform complex arithmetic quickly and accurately. Children will develop a much greater level of confidence, as both their reasoning skills and attention span naturally increase. At this age they’re ready to take on academic challenges, to work in group environments and see things from multiple perspectives.

Advanced curriculum for powerful young minds.

Capitalizing on their new-found academic potential, our curriculum becomes more complex and advanced. With Soroban Expert, your child will learn to quickly process and operate with complex numbers, and his entire brain will bloom into full potential. Soroban Expert is the next step in mathematics proficiency and brain development. The abacus further integrates the right and left hemispheres of your child’s brain. By activating their entire brain, we’re able to harness the learning potential that lies dormant in traditional teaching methods.

Give your child a head start for a successful future!

Children in our programs will experience significantly increased focus and attention spans. Their math skills will be far more advanced than those of their peers. Our method of arithmetic calculation fits seamlessly into their school curriculum, and will give your child a significant advantage.

Class structure

Our classes are small and personalized, with a maximum of one teacher for every 10 students. Our interactive teaching is fun and engaging, and includes a lot of educational games and hand-on activities. Classes meet once a week for 90 minutes and include homework.

… and much more!


  • Enrollment fee    $70.00
  • One term fee  (9 lessons)   $340.00
  • Second or third child from the family 50% off
  • 100% money back guarantee if the child is not making progress after the 1st term

Advanced Math

for Big Thinkers

Big benefits for young minds
 •   Further development of whole brain potential, allowing more effective and faster learning in all school subjects
 •   Naturally increased focus and concentration span
 •   Significantly enhanced reasoning skills, logical, abstract and creative thinking
 •   Vastly improved short term memory
 •   Proficiency in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and square roots
 •   Ability to perform complex math calculations with speed and accuracy
 •   Enhanced training for more complex numbers
 •   Seamless integration into their core school mathematics curriculum
 •   A secure mathematics foundation that paves the way for college

Let your child get ahead – and stay ahead – in a competitive academic environment!