About us

We train your child’s left and right BRAIN hemisphere…

The importance of the brain balance.

Our method is based on our unique understanding of how a child’s brain learns and develops.

Our brains have two hemispheres – the left and right – and each performs different functions.

The left hemisphere is our logical side and is responsible for language, analysis, numeracy, theory and deduction.

The right hemisphere is our creative side and manages perception, emotion, imagination and intuition.

Unfortunately, most children use one side more than the other, and this lack of integration which can stunt their academic growth. The  Mental  Math systems helps to integrate the right left hemispheres of your child’s brain.

And when your child masters this left/right brain harmony, they’ll rise to a level of performance far beyond that of their peers.

This innovative and scientifically proven method is used in 52 countries worldwide to help children balance their braind power and to unleash their potential so they can get ahead – and stay ahead – in a competitive academic environment.

What is Mental Arithmetic?

Mental Arithmetic is a holistic mental development process based on mental arithmetic system and has yielded truly amazing results.

It is an training program for children in the age group of 5-14 years to enhance their learning abilities and develop mathematical skills.

It aims at stimulating both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which results in making the child’s thinking more efficient and effective.

Children who have completed this course have demonstrated greater concentration, listening ability, analytical skills besides guaranteed improvement in mathematical prowess. The mastery of learning skills leads to greater achievements in other academic disciplines.

Mental Arithmetic is a proven learning program for children in the field of numerical computational skills in Arithmetic. This enhances the children’s learning ability and enables them to do calculations mentally without the aid of any external tools like calculator, abacus, paper, pen, etc. Children are able to calculate with speed and accuracy using their own mental power.

The program is imparted by certified instructors who aim to provide a fun filled and interactive learning environment.

Benefits That last a lifelime
Significantly improved capacity for learning, concentration and observation.
Substantial improvement in their overall academic performance.
Enhanced creative and visualization capacity.
Improved listening and observational skills.
Photographic and spatial recognition.
Ability to concentrate and pay attention.
Increased analytical skills.
Ability to solve math problems with speed and accuracy.