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All our FREE workshops in this category are designed to help parents understand the impotance of early child development.
We now know that the quality of child development at the time of school entry predicts performance in school programs. We help parents to set the foundation their children will need for academic success and lifelong achievement.
We provide parents with the knowledge and tools needed to support their children’s learning at home.

Our method

  Is based on a unique understanding of how a child’s brain absorb, learns and develops. The human brain has two hemispheres – the left and right – and each of them perform different functions.Unfortunately, most children use one side of the brain more than the other, and this lack of integration can stunt their academic growth. The Mental Arithmetic helps to integrate the right and left hemispheres of your child’s brain. And when your child masters this left-right brain harmony, they’ll rise to a level of performance far beyond that of their peers.

An  early start

A lifetime of achivenrt

  It’s never too soon to get a head start. When you enroll your child in Bright Kids, we’ll set the foundation they need for academic success and lifelong achievement. Join us for a free orientation to see how your child can get to the head of the class.


That last a lifetime

 Significantly improved capacity for learning, concentration and observation.
 Increased spatial intelligence and photographic memory.
 Improved listening and observational skills.
 Substantial improvement in their overall academic performance.
 Ability to concentrate and pay attention.
 Enhanced creative and visualization capacity.
 Ability to solve math problems with speed and accuracy.
 Increased analytical skills, logical and creative thinking.